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The people of my past – who I have since lost –

Stay quiet

They speak no more save for echoes of the past

Nothing new

I cannot ask my grandma, an author,

About words

Nor can I inquire how to save one

from depression

My old friend can never forgive me for

running off

My grandfather will never again share

my journeys

But of these things, I can pretend.

Another poem from my collection. Free verse with meter

Lost Friend

I heard
You ran away
I cannot blame you but
I wish you would have taken me
Come back

Another poem from my collection – Cinquain style



I love reading poetry and finding all the poetic devices. I listen to slam poets in my spare time and often when I should be doing other stuff.

But ask me to write poems and I’ll kick and whine through the whole process. “This sounds like crap!” “Why do I even need to write a poem about a stupid mad up creature that likes alliteration?” (see blotz poems) “And does she seriously want me to write my own freaking ballad?”

Yes, this was all for a school project. I tend to find poems with structure of syllables most easy to write. Get into the free form or make me find a huge amount of words starting with the same letter and I’m going to fall over and complain like an elementary student who just doesn’t get why she should care that Sally gave Tim ten apples for only seven peaches. Needless to say after writing fourteen poems, I’m a bit burnt out. I really don’t like writing poetry but listening to it is one of the best things in the world. Hopefully the poetry celebration in Wednesday’s class will prove worth the agony of trying to be a poet in the first place.

I’ll leave you with the video that got me into slam poetry in the first place. I think you’ll agree that she’s wonderful to listen to.

Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on this below.

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