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Mother Earth

I believe in Mother Earth as the planet in which we are living on. So many people get trapped into thinking that mother relates only to human existence and tries to visualize Mother Earth as a humanistic being who holds and cares for the Earth. When in reality, Mother is simply an endearing term added to the name we have given our planet.

It is easy to see why we have attached Mother to our planet. A mother brings forth life. Earth, in every sense of the word, has brought forth every life that lives here. From the bacteria to the human, the penguin and the ladybug, Earth has brought forth them all. Each one is deserving of it’s life here. No one individual or type of creature has more right than any other. Some contribute more back to the Earth, such as worms purifying the soil, butterflies and bees helping the flowers to grow, the flowers and herbs bringing forth our medicines.

What I see as the main problem we have today is that humankind thinks it is above it all. That everything has lived only so far as to get us here and keep us here. But we are not the top in any sense. When we die, we go back into the ground to become dirt. Ashes get buried under trees and the Earth continues her beautiful balance of the Circle of Life. The problem is though, that we think our death is enough to make up for all the shit we’re destroying during our lifetimes.

We have caused radiation from wars that will persist long after humans have died off. Long after our bones decay and our houses are overgrown. I have no doubt that Mother Earth will take back her life and bring forth something even more beautiful after our effects die along with us. But I’d like to help speed up that process for her. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. Without her, there would be no here in the first place. So let’s start treating Mother Earth with the respect she rightfully deserves for supporting our disastrous excuse for an existence.

What will you do?

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  1. Erin, you have created another beautiful, thought provoking piece. Thank you, may you enjoy continued peace and happiness!


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