NaNo Addiction

NaNo is barreling towards me as if it hasn’t seen me in forever and is coming to greet me with hugs and smooches and all sorts of embarrassing affection that I secretly love. I look forward to its visits every year knowing the excitement and energy it brings will always outweigh the annoyances. It brings parties and crazy ideas only found when you’ve had way too much caffeine (something it always demands so much of) and plenty of other writers doing the same crazy thing I’m doing.

I mean seriously, NaNites are crazy! Who carves out time in their day to write in a fictional word, tormenting themselves with a word goal that is sky-high, and trying to do this on top of classes, extra jobs, and everyday life. And the annoyances! Who can even stand it having so many characters to keep up with as they run through the brain creating plot holes and love triangles or just plain messes. It’s maddening!

So why do I do it?
addiction to writing
Because I have an addiction to writing. It’s my drug of choice. I love the exhilaration of watching my creations run around and react to the crap I throw at them. There’s a high in creating worlds much different from what I live in. And who doesn’t love having the power to have the final say in how something goes? Writing is amazing.

And I love a challenge. A novel in a month. Fifty thousand words in thirty days. Beginning, middle, and end – though not necessarily in that order. New people to get to know and new places to explore. It makes me wonder how anyone can say that writing isn’t their thing. But I know it’s mine so I shall drink it whole and take it all in.

NaNoWriMo is my new favorite time of the year. Christmas may still be my favorite time for family and food (with Thanksgiving close behind) with plenty of memories and traditions to keep close to my heart, but NaNo is a time for people like me. I plug myself fully into my writing and prove to myself that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Above all else, this is what I want to do with my life. And with each victory, with each completed novel, is a reassurance that not only do I want to do this but that I can. I can do this.

If you ever considered doing this writing thing or have ever said of yourself “I am a writer,” give it a shot. During this time, there are no rules and no restrictions but a lot to gain for yourself. So what if you don’t finish or you have to quit because whatever, you tried something crazy and have something to show for yourself. But if there is any part of you that is curious or excited by the idea, do it. Sign yourself up on the main site, plug into the region nearest you to meet other crazy writers, and just go at it.

No fear can stop you if you just want to have fun and try something new. No doubt has any power over the person who says so what? And if anyone dares to make fun of you for writing, ask them what they are doing with their time – ten bucks they say Netflix. Try something strange and see where it takes you. The worst that could happen is that you get addicted to writing or decide it wasn’t your thing. And let me tell you, that writing addiction is extremely helpful in solving many other problems in your life.

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