Living Your Dream

I dislike most societies these days. So much focus is on leading a specific life or fighting for what you don’t yet have. It’s tiring and often we lose sight of what we really want to be doing. For me, it’s diving into art. Writing, drawing, making steampunk or faerie inspired pieces, learning to paint or play violin.

But there’s this annoying crap called money that drives us away from these sorts of things because they aren’t practical or whatever other nonsense they shout to keep us from living the lives we actually want.

So I’m curious my little readers, what is your dream? If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing with your time? Don’t be shy! I won’t make fun of you at all. I just want to hear about the dream you had before they told you to be realistic.

Published by justryn

A faerie recording my incredible journey through the cosmos. In my time in this life, on this world, I'd like to open my own library.

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