As NaNoWriMo draws closer to beginning, my focus on writing grows stronger. And of course my excitement and planning is heightened. But with school going on and hopefully taking on an extra job soon, time management can be a problem. If you’re doing NaNo this will probably be your number one hurdle to jump day after day as you fight your word count. NaNo bloggers all around will tell you to keep track of your word count, to have some accountability with your fellow writers or even just the people around you who know what you’re setting out to do.

I’m here to tell you to take that accountability a step further. Make sure people know how you’re feeling. Let people know when you’re excited so they can be excited with you. But also let them know when you skipped sleeping last night to knock out some extra words. Let them know when you’re writing something hard and possibly personal or trigger worthy. We draw from our experiences and it can hurt to write about something that is still hurting us. Let them know that this novel is kicking your butt and completely overwhelming you. Because if you don’t tell someone, you’re the only one dealing with it. And that’s hard during any time period and you’re about to embark on an adventure.

This year, I’ll be writing about some tough stuff again because it’s therapeutic for me. I’ll be bringing up themes surrounding my grandfather’s death and what his life still means to me. I’ll also be featuring abandonment because I’ve recently separated from my husband and I haven’t fully come to terms with it. My writing is personal but I’m not doing it alone. My family and friends will be there along side me and just a phone call away should I need them. At the same time, I’ll be staying central to my favorite genre and writing a story I’ve currently dubbed “Fantasy Saves the World” because it continually saves mine.

And be nice to yourself this November. Pump your caffeine but don’t overdose. Make sure you’re eating and getting enough sleep for your non-writing duties as well. And I’ll be here too and you can help keep me accountable as well. We’re in this together and win or lose, we are embarking on a great adventure that not everyone can even try.

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  1. Erin, keep me in your sights. You’re special to me, as I think you know. I smile when I see you’ve seen my posts, I love every post you make. Don’t be a stranger, eh? 🙂


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