A little writer with a long way to go

Sacrifice Returns!

I’ve been away for some time taking care of life. While doing such ordinary things, I convinced myself I was too exhausted to write. But I’ve slapped myself back into line and I’m getting ready to hit it big with a great plan. So gather around because I have big news!

Some of you who know me personally may remember my excitement in 2011 over the completion of my first draft of Sacrifice – the first completed draft I have ever managed. Some of you have actually read said manuscript. I’m delighted to announce that I have plans for its master reconstruction.

Since completing Sacrifice, I have written many scenes, talked to billions of characters in my head, and actually finished another whole novel. (Check back with me on it in three years given my current pattern.) But in doing all of this, I haven’t forgotten Sacrifice or my achievements contained within its pages. I have plans for these characters and their story will get rewritten. But don’t be sad. This new revision will be my launching point for an entire world of stories. Not necessarily sequels but those aren’t out of the question. I’m thinking more along the lines of separate stories but in the same fantastical universe of my creation.

Characters may change and some may even merge to form one new character, but I assure you, every change will be for the better. I’m excited to reunite with Jadara and the rest of the gem children. But maybe there won’t be as much gem eating this time around. And no more meaningless pillow fights. Well, maybe one meaningless pillow fight. 🙂

What do you think?

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