What was that?

I noticed a huge jump in page views today from zero per day for about a week up to eleven today. I’m assuming some of you may have been stopped by my server changes this past week and weekend. Sorry about that. It should be all fixed now and my future changes – at least near future changes – shouldn’t take my site down.

But now it’s back up for you and I’ll be getting to my schedule of twice weekly updates. Not sure which dates will be my best update days yet but we’ll have to find that out together.

As for now. I’m gathering up some old pieces to clean up while working through a really old character’s back story. And he’s upwards of four hundred years old so there’s plenty of back story there. I may post some bits for you to enjoy because I really want you to be excited over this character. His name is Trevor by the way. You’ll want to keep your eyes open for him.

Anyway, thanks for holding out on me through any issues you may have had with the site. And if you didn’t notice any, apparently you aren’t checking the site often enough. I’m only kidding. I love having you all here and would love for you to visit me often but life is out there and we really shouldn’t be sitting on blogs all day. For those of us who do we should at least get out to talk about what we’ve read there. That would be fun right? I’m sure there are groups in your area who do just that so check them out if that sounds fun to you! (I’d suggest checking meetup.com first though since they just keep growing.)

There’s always more we could be doing so let’s do that. Whatever it may be for each of us. For me it’s writing so I’ll be around. Have a great whatever it is when you’re reading this!

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A faerie recording my incredible journey through the cosmos. In my time in this life, on this world, I'd like to open my own library.

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