Short Snippets

I haven’t been blogging much recently. My excuse is school. Luckily I will only have to deal with this stuff for another month! Woohoo! Which of course means final projects and exams. Bleh.

My summer looks bright and open though and I will be dedicating almost all of my time to writing, editing and all that stuff I actually find fun to do.

Until then though, I think I shall queue up some of my recent poetry I wrote for my creative writing poetry project and maybe some short stories for you. But only the good ones. And maybe the one about bacon because bacon is amazing.

I have been posting some shorter tidbits over on my facebook page so if you want more than I’m giving you here, feel free to check it out. (There should be a like button in the sidebar or possibly at the bottom of the page if you are reading this on a mobile site.)

I’ll start you off with my favorite short piece from the project. A little haiku entitled My Love.

My Love
I really don’t care
About the stars in your eyes
Instead what you see.

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