Take a break

Most writing advice will tell you to write. Whenever you can and whatever you can. Be it a sentence tapped out on your phone during a bathroom break or some thought out stuff over lunch, just get something down for the day.

Usually I’m very supportive of this idea and mindset but to be honest, it can be a bit much. If you have to cram writing time during your not so pleasant breaks that probably means you are running a crazy busy life now. And sometimes on those tiny breaks, you don’t want to think about crapping out a sentence and instead focus on – okay, enough with the toilet humor. Sometimes you just want a break to be a break. In fact you probably need it.

So enjoy your time while you stir your coffee. Enjoy your meal without having to worry about getting smears on your keyboard or notepad. Watch what’s actually going on around you without logging away good characters for future use – you probably do this unconsciously anyway. Take a break from words and the rest of your life when you get a break because it will probably be snatched away too quickly anyway.

Because while, yes, you need to write to be a writer, you need a break if you’re busy. It isn’t healthy to cram your head full of how to articles or pound out words if by the end of the day your head is spinning and you feel like you are going to fall over. Don’t overdose on your writing! But don’t overdose on breaks either. Just find a nice balance. And if that seems too hard, just listen to when your head say “Enough!” Because it probably says that a lot already.

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