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Reading Excitement

My plans for reading a stack of books over break didn’t come anywhere close to being a reality. I made a good dent in my friend’s book though and I’m completely hooked! If only I hadn’t come back to my crazy hectic class and work schedule, I might be able to finish it faster.

I did manage to pick up two more books on my adventure. The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams and Star Trek: Myriad Universes Infinity’s Prism since I seem to be a major geek now.

I ended up having to leave some clothes behind for Mom to ship home to me so that I could take all my books home with me. I have my priorities in order for sure!

Despite not reading as much as I wanted for my research, I am still excited to read again. Which excites my writing side that I still take the time out to read. It was also encouraging to see how many people had books or were reading on their ereaders while traveling. Sometimes I feel weighted down by technology and feel like it’s just serving to distract us all away from longer lengths of entertainment. I’m glad to be reminded that this isn’t always the case.

I wish you all great books and a comfortable reading space with lots of hot chocolate and times without responsibilities.

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