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Obviously, if you are considering following a writer, you’ll want to know what sort of stuff they write to see if it will interest you enough to invest time reading it. I haven’t really given you much to go off of so far so let me give you a little taste of what you’ll find around here.

For starters, the authors I look up to most are J. K. Rowling, Isaac Asimov, and Kristin Cashore. Rowling is nothing less than a mastermind with her attention to detail and plot to pull together all seven books with tiny details we almost forgot. Not to mention her wonderful characters who captured our hearts when they entered the scene and broke them when they left but taught us more than enough while they were there.

Asimov is also an imaginative creator of fantastic worlds. Who else could create a world featured around a relational and reproductive system with three entities while making it sound completely normal? His writing style is classic and he is one of the fathers of modern science fiction. By reading through The Gods Themselves, I was reminded why I loved and wished to write science fiction of my own.

Cashore feels like an internet friend of mine. Her blog brings out her quirks in the best light ever. She shares things that inspire her and what others are doing as well as keeping us up to date on her new books and the movies which will soon accompany them. When I’m reading about her awesome leading ladies, I am inspired to go out and take on the world.

All of these traits are what I am looking to take on in my own stories as well as my social interactions with my readers. I am hoping to have my own voice shine through as well.

While my main home is in low-level, science fiction, I often dabble in urban fantasy. My characters often break social norms and have troubles that other people like to steer away from. But if you stick around, you’ll see people with depression, anxiety, and others while finding support from those close to them while tackling fantastic beasts – who may or may not be actual beasts.

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