Why Just?

Coming to this site, you may wonder why I chose the title of “Just Ryn” for it. Originally it was meant to be a little play on introductions. “Ryn who?” to which I would reply, “Oh, just Ryn.” I liked the ring it had to it over a comparable choice of “only” or “simply” but they didn’t have the right connotation to them. But I liked “just.” It has that sound I’m looking for.

I also recently considered the connotation of being just or fair. I do strive to live by that ideal though I do mess up and let ego or attitude get in the way. I’m working on that but I hope you will find me to be of this title I chose to represent me.

But hopefully I become more than Just Ryn to you. Whether I become an interesting blogger you look forward to hearing from in each post or if I speak about your reading interests or offer you helpful writing bits. And for those of you who are following me because we’re related or you think I’m awesome, I hope I can satisfy you with my quirks and crazy random happenstances. (Bonus points if you caught the geeky reference.)

I don;t know what my posting schedule will look like but my starting goal is a new blog every week. You will mostly get a taste of my writing life and story ideas but I’ll probably also include rant about how other parts of my life are interfering wih my writing and blah blah blah.

So welcome to my new online home! I hope you will stick around. I love getting to know people and I will encourage interaction often. Say hi and let me know what you think of things. 🙂

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A faerie recording my incredible journey through the cosmos. In my time in this life, on this world, I'd like to open my own library.

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